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Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese Medicine that is becoming increasingly popular alongside western medicine

The treatment involves the insertion of fine needles in to the skin through specific points along the chosen meridian(channel). This then stimulates the bodies natural healing mechanism in order to rebalance and smooth the persons energy (Qi).

Integrated Chinese Medicine 

Chinese medicine is an ancient form of Eastern medicine that follows the Yin and Yang theory. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine works with the Meridians (Channels) of the body to penetrate into De Qi (energy) that we each have. Different acupuncture points have different functions and when stimulated, by a needle or acupressure, helps to rebalance the body, calm the mind and alleviate symptoms to enhance change from within. 

Five element acupuncture works closely with each element; Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood as they relate to a persons overall constitution. Each element has a paired colour, sound, odour and emotion that the practitioner will observe for. This can then be used to choose appropriate acupuncture points that will be best to help the individual patient.

Integrating both these techniques allows the practitioner to have a wider knowledge and open mind when treating each patient as everyone is different. Treatments become personalised and is effective on a deeper level, whilst still able to balance body, mind and Spirit.

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